Fishing – The Beginners Guide

Written by admin on October 11th, 2016

One of the most favored past times of Americans is fishing. It has the power to redeem the great outdoors with a family affair and the bestowed gain of supplying excitement, tranquility and
finally if you are lucky, food for the table.

Some of the best fishing lakes, rivers and mountain streams to be found anywhere in the world are found here in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Our cool, clear mountain streams and lakes support one of the most diverse fishing habitats in the world. Rainbow and brown trout; smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass; giant stripers and white bass; bluegill, crappie and shell cracker, sauger, walleye, and catfish are all abundant in the area.

Whether its fly fishing, spin fishing or bait casting, your fishing adventure starts here and ends with great memories and plans for a return visit.

Fishing by definition is the activity of hunting by hooking, trapping or gathering animals that breathe in water or pass their lives in water. Fishing is an activity that some consider a hobby or a profession, even some consider fishing a sport. Fishing is also a tradition that has lived for decades. More than 4 out of 5 Americans were taken on fishing trips. Most adults today had started fishing before they turned 13. For some it is the love for the sport that lives today. The best way to preserve the sport and keep the golden tradition alive is by taking today’s generation of kids and showing them what fishing is really all about. In the fishing industry, fishermen are required to follow certain restrictions, such as an individual fishing quota and international treaties. International treaties try to limit the fishing effort. This could lack of jobs for the local fisherman.

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